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Ask the Stargazer: WTF Edition

Over the last few weeks I got a few really tricky questions that will force me to do some serious research in order to answer them. And I got one particular question that made me think WTF was going on here. But see for yourself (I changed the name of the sender):

Ask The Stargazer! Hello,
I’m Mr. Joe Sixpack And Would like to know if you sell Game Table and
what types of the Game Table  do you offer for sale..Also what types
of payment do you accept?Thank you and reply ASAP.
Best regards,

Joe Sixpack

Is this some weird kind of spam? Or is someone confusing the Open Game Table which I contributed to with an actual physical table? I actually answered that question and told Mr. Sixpack that I don’t sell anything. I haven’t heard from him since…

By the way, if you have any serious questions for the Stargazer and his crew, feel free to email us via!

Ask The Stargazer: “How should one go about starting an rpg blog?”

Stargazer Yesterday I got the following email:

Dear Michael/Stargazer,
My question for you sir, is this? How should one go about starting an RPG blog? I have some ideas for content but my technology-fu is pretty weak. Some folks recommend Blogger to me and others WordPress. I was wondering if you have any tips for getting a blog up and running and then maintaining it?

Best regards,


Luckily that’s a topic I have already written a lot about. Some of you might actually remember my RPG Blogging 101 series, that I have written back in early 2011. If you are looking into starting your own blog, it wouldn’t hurt if you check out these posts first. But let’s have a deeper look on Matt’s question first.

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