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Canned Meat

I am currently trying to fend of an unending onslaught of spam comments on this blog. When I woke up this morning there were 17 new comments to be approved and they were all spam. And over the last few hours I had to delete a few more spam comments. Since comments are vital to any blog (at least in my humble opinion), I will not restrict anyone from posting his thoughts, BUT there is always the possibility that I delete someone’s post by mistake. If you notice something like that, please let me know via the contact form on the About page.

By the way, what do my fellow bloggers do to ward off spam? And have you too noticed an increase in spam comments too?

UPDATE: I added “Simple Trackback Validation” and “Peter’s Anti-Spam” to the blog and deactivated Akismet again. Thanks to ChattyDM for the recommendations.

Feed the Reader

No, this post is not about RPGs, but about blogs, the RPG Bloggers Network and feed readers. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of my readers are referred to my blog by our network’s main site. And only a few have subscribed to my RSS feed. So, why should you subscribe?

  • You won’t miss any articles
    When you check out irregularly you probably miss most of the articles. When I go to our network’s main site I usually skim through the topmost articles and check out if there are any new posts in the “featured” category. If it’s a very active day in the network a lot of interesting posts have probably been pushed to the second page already. 
  • But I’ve already subscribed to the RPG Bloggers Network Feed! Why should I add yours too?
    Reading the feed is like drinking from the firehose. When you subscribe to my feed and the feeds of other RPG blogs you like, you not only get the full posts in most cases, you also get to read posts that are NOT related to roleplaying games. Some of the network’s members write about a lot of other interesting things that you’ll miss, when you just read the feed.
  • But don’t I need an expensive feed reader software?
    No, of course not. Although they are quite a few commercial feed readers there are a lot of free alternatives. There are several web-based feed-readers available. You can for example use Google Reader or Bloglines. Or you can add a feed to you personalized Google page or to your NetVibes page. If you prefer a desktop application, use FeedReader3 or search on your favorite search engine for “Free feedreader”. Or, if you use the Opera browser, you can use the excellent built-in feed reader!
I hope I have you convinced by now. So, what’s the next step? Subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed using the method of your choice! If you need the feed’s adress it’s 


If you have any more questions to this topic, feel free to ask! Post your thoughts in the comment section below!

RPG Bloggers Network

As you may have noticed, the “Stargazer’s World” blog is now part of the RPG Bloggers Network. What is this? Let me give an excerpt from the Network’s site:

I’m glad you asked.

This is the RPG Bloggers network, a coalition of people who blog about Tabletop Role Playing Games. (You know, like Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, World of Synnibar, etc.)

Specifically, this site takes posts from its members and publishes an excerpt of them here, so instead of following a bunch of feeds, you only have to follow one. Plus you may find great posts by blogs you didn’t even know existed.

In order to improve compliance with the network I have added, rearranged and renamed some of the categories. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but I wanted to let you know. I am pretty excited about that whole network business. It’s the first time I’ve created a blog that’s part of something greater. 😉