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Off to Gen Con

Today is the great day – first day of the four best days in gaming! As you can probably imagine, I am very excited, my bag is packed with all the stuff I might need, and in a few minutes we’ll drive to Indianapolis to have some breakfast and then get our press badges.

Zachary from RPGBlog2 and his wife are great hosts and I feel almost like home away from home. Because of the long flight and the different timezones I am still a bit messed up, so if you see a half-sleeping German walking around at Gen Con, it might actually be me.

I hope I can meet a lot of you at the Indianapolis Convention Center later!

Preparing for Gen Con: Almost There!

logo_indy I can’t believe it’s just a few days to Gen Con! To say I am excited would be an utter understatement. Currently the emotional state I am in can only be described as a weird mixture of anticipation and sheer panic.

This will be my first trip to Gen Con and the first time I ever leave Europe. Alas I am the kind of person who always ponders about all the bad things that could happen. And while I am pretty well prepared I still fear I might have forgotten something. These fears are usually pretty unfounded, but I already know I won’t sleep that well on the night before the flight!

But aside from that I am also positively excited. When I arrive at the airport in Indianapolis I will be picked up by Zachary Houghton and I’ll stay with him and his family for almost a week. I will be among friends all the time and I am pretty sure I’ll make a lot of new ones.

I will also bring a couple print copies of my new game with me. When I decided to attend Gen Con earlier this year, I never would have guessed I would bring my own roleplaying game with me. Currently I have no plans to run Warrior, Rogue & Mage there, but I know Zach and the others will keep asking me, until I give in…

One day before Gen Con my blog will also celebrate its 2nd anniversary. This will be another important milestone for me and I hope you’ll enjoy the posts published on that day. And no, I won’t bore you with statistics all day. Some blogger luminaries have agreed to provide some guest posts for that day, so make sure you check them out!

When this post will go live (I’ve written in on the weekend), my bags will be packed and I will be ready to go. On Tuesday I’ll leave early in the morning to the Frankfurt international airport from where I’ll start my first Gen Con trip. When everything goes as planned, I will post about my experiences soon!

Preparing for Gen Con: Geek Wear

When I finally decided to attend Gen Con this year, I also decided that I wanted to have at least one t-shirt with my blog’s logo made. Why? Because it makes it much easier for people to recognize me. There are a lot of people I’ve never met in real life and in some cases I have no idea how they look like. But if I wear a t-shirt with my blog’s logo on it, they at least know who I am!

So, if you are at Gen Con 2010 in Indianapolis look out for that disturbed looking German guy with beard and glasses wearing one of those shirts:

What’s the stance of my fellow RPG bloggers on this? Do you wear custom shirts at Gen Con as well? What does the non-blogging gamer wear at Gen Con? As always I am interested in your thought, so feel free to post them in the comments below!