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Weird West Miniatures

Stuart Robertson, the author of the excellent Weird West RPG is currently raising money on IndieGoGo in order to get started with their first set of 28 mm Weird West Miniatures. The end of the fundraiser is just 10 days ago and they still need about $1500 to meet their goal.


A few days ago, he posted a photo of the first finished miniature (see below) and it’s looking great! For a contribution of just $15 one of the miniatures will be yours in addition to a printed copy of Stuart’s RPG. For mere $5 you can support the project and still get a printed copy of Weird West.


To learn more about the project check out the official IndieGoGo project page!

How not to run a Kickstarter to fund your RPG logo Kickstarter and similar services like IndieGoGo provide a great way of raising funds for creative projects. In the last year I’ve backed a couple of projects and all of them turned out great. Especially the Technoir Kickstarter was a fun ride.

But there are probably far more projects that never get funded or that turn into a train wreck after funding. I wouldn’t necessarily call me an expert on all things Kickstarter, but I have some ideas what you can do to prevent failure.

The most common problem is that even though you have a great idea, nobody seems to want to back your project. And usually you can see why this happens with one glance. Especially when I put some money on the table to fund a roleplaying game I want at least a PDF copy of the game. But I’ve seen Kickstarter projects where you had to back $20 or more for getting anything besides a “thank you”. Sorry, usually $20 is about my maximum I pay for PDF products that are already released. I don’t give you $20 for the hopes of getting something even when it looks interesting.

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Fellow RPGBA member is currently running a IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in order to get the funds to make the switch to English.

The Polish-language site releases free to use RPG adventure ideas on a regular basis. At this moment about 100 adventures are freely available for RPG fans to download and use for their games.

They now decided to make the switch to English in order to provide their material to a much broader audience. But in order to do so they need to raise enough money to pay for professional translators to keep up the quality.

Supporters will not only get satisfaction that they supported the RPG fan community but also all ebooks currently published by the Ancient Scroll for free! Don’t worry, these are already in English. In addition to that you’ll get your name and link in their partners section.

If you want to learn more about this, please check out the official campaign page.