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Interview with Jeremy Keller

Jeremy Keller Recently I have been posting a lot about Technoir, the upcoming cyberpunk RPG by Jeremy Keller. This game has impressed me tremendously and actually made me sign up for Kickstarter, so I could help Jeremy fund this project.

By the way, the Technoir Kickstarter project has almost reached it’s current $10,000 goal. Check out this page to find out what it’s all about! (Editor’s note: The $10,000 goal has been reached while this post was waiting to be published.)

A few days ago I asked Jeremy if he was willing to answer a few question for us and he agreed. So without further ado, enjoy the Q&A!

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Update on the Technoir RPG Kickstarter

Some days ago I told you about the Technoir RPG and that it’s author Jeremy Keller started a project on Kickstarter to fund creation of a full-color softcover book. The initial goal of $2500 has been met in under 12 hours, so Jeremy decided to raise the ante. Of course the next milestone was hit only hours after that, but the current goal $10,000 hasn’t been hit yet.

So far for pledging at least $10 you will get your name in the credits, the PDF version of the book and the exclusive Hong Kong Transmission PDF. BUT if the $10,000 milestone is hit, Jeremy will throw in Mechnoir, an alternate 16-paged player’s guide that allows you to play mech- and dropship-pilots and their support crews warring on distant planets!

Technoir Cover

If you’re into rules-light cyberpunk/SF games you should have a look at Technoir and perhaps even support the Kickstarter. It’s definitely worth your time and money! By the way, currently $8,592 have been pledged.


Technoir is an upcoming cyberpunk roleplaying game designed by Jeremy Keller, author of the ENnie Award-winning Chronica Feudalis. What sets Technoir apart from most other cyberpunk games out there, is the fact that it uses a pretty elegant rules-light system.

Jeremy has started a Kickstarter project today and tries to raise $2500 in order to being able to publish Technoir as a full-color softcover book. The beta version of the rules is available for free at the official Technoir site, and after leafing through the beta PDF I decided to back this project. I really would like to see this fine game in print someday.

By the way, at this moment $845 have been pledged by 24 backers already. Perhaps with your help, we can get the Technoir project funded in just mere days!