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Update on the Technoir RPG Kickstarter

Some days ago I told you about the Technoir RPG and that it’s author Jeremy Keller started a project on Kickstarter to fund creation of a full-color softcover book. The initial goal of $2500 has been met in under 12 hours, so Jeremy decided to raise the ante. Of course the next milestone was hit only hours after that, but the current goal $10,000 hasn’t been hit yet.

So far for pledging at least $10 you will get your name in the credits, the PDF version of the book and the exclusive Hong Kong Transmission PDF. BUT if the $10,000 milestone is hit, Jeremy will throw in Mechnoir, an alternate 16-paged player’s guide that allows you to play mech- and dropship-pilots and their support crews warring on distant planets!

Technoir Cover

If you’re into rules-light cyberpunk/SF games you should have a look at Technoir and perhaps even support the Kickstarter. It’s definitely worth your time and money! By the way, currently $8,592 have been pledged.


Technoir is an upcoming cyberpunk roleplaying game designed by Jeremy Keller, author of the ENnie Award-winning Chronica Feudalis. What sets Technoir apart from most other cyberpunk games out there, is the fact that it uses a pretty elegant rules-light system.

Jeremy has started a Kickstarter project today and tries to raise $2500 in order to being able to publish Technoir as a full-color softcover book. The beta version of the rules is available for free at the official Technoir site, and after leafing through the beta PDF I decided to back this project. I really would like to see this fine game in print someday.

By the way, at this moment $845 have been pledged by 24 backers already. Perhaps with your help, we can get the Technoir project funded in just mere days!

Part-Time Gods

I just got word from Third Eye Games’ Eloy Lasanta that they have an interesting project up on Kickstarter called Part-Time Gods. Part-Time Gods will be their third game line and will be a roleplaying game along the lines of “Nobilis” or “Scion”.

But I am sure Eloy can explain it better than I could do it:

If you are interested in learning more about that game, check out the Kickstarter project page, listen to episode 77 of “The Game’s The Thing” which features an interview with Eloy or check out this PDF which gives you a nice overview of the game.