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Future of the Iron Kingdoms RPG line still unclear

IK Character Guide coverRecently Privateer Press announced that they are going to release an updated version of their WARMACHINE and HORDE miniature games.

But alas they haven’t decided what to do with their roleplaying game line (or they are just not willing to tell their fans). In a short update on the official forums Doug Seacat told the community that there will be no updated edition of IK for D&D 4th Edition. That was back in August 2008. With Paizo‘s Pathfinder RPG at the horizon there’s hope in the community that there might be an updated version of IK using the Pathfinder rules but I am pretty sure that IK is dead as a doorknob.

Privateer Press is probably earning much more money with their miniature games than they ever made with the RPG line. And since the IK books where all using the d20 System License they can’t just reprint or release the books as PDFs either.

These are hard times for fans of the Full Metal Fantasy RPG. Rest well, you’ll be missed…

Review: Microlite20 purest essence

I am always interested in roleplaying games I haven’t played before and especially when they are free. One of the free roleplaying games that grabbed my attention recently was Microlite20.

Microlite20 purest essenceWhat is Microlite20?

According to the Microlite20 website it’s the following:

Microlite20 is a free role-playing game containing character generation, combat and rules for magic, monsters and level advancement. We have ripped the guts out of d20 leaving just the essence of the game. Skills are much simplified, there are no feats and combat is as simple as it gets.

So instead of all the retro-clones like OSRIC and the like you get a stripped down version of d20 that is supposed to be compatible with almost all existing material. So, one could for example run Eberron using Microlite20.

Microlite20 purest essence

Paul Lessack created a beautifully laid-out version of Microlite20 that includes Character Generation, Combat, Advancement, Monsters, Equipment, Spells and the full Expert rules and GM Guide. In my opinion it’s the PDF you should download and print when you want to start running a Microlite20 campaign, so I used it for my review of Microlite20. I will abbreviate Microlite20 purest essence as M20PE in the context of this review.

You can download M20PE here.

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Gary Gygax, I never knew thee

Gary GygaxToday it’s the first anniversary of the Gary Gygax’ passing. UncleBear is hosting a one-day Blog Memorial dedicated to Gary Gygax today, and this is my contribution.

I have to admit that I never played the original D&D and I hated AD&D 2nd Edition with a passion. When I was younger, I didn’t know who this Gary Gygax guy was, and I was pretty sure that this was no big loss. But the more I thought about roleplaying in general I realized that people like Gary Gygax were the pioneers of our hobby. Without him (and Dave Arneson of course) we would probably never have experienced all the joys of fantasy roleplaying.

In my early years at the university I made contact with Dragon magazine and when 3rd Edition was announced I started buying it on a regular basis. And one of my favorite columns in Dragon magazine at this time was Gary Gygax’ “Up on a Soapbox“. And I loved it. And I immediately understood that Gary Gygax is not just this weird American guy who designed those old D&D games (which I didn’t really like) but he was truely one of us. And the more I read about him, I realize what a great guy he must have been.

Gary Gygax, I never knew thee, and I wish I had!