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NaGa DeMon: Another update

The progress on Galaxy Rising has been slowed down a bit in the last few days. The fact that I suffer from bad lower back pain for since Monday didn’t really help with my creative projects. Today I managed to finish the equipment section at least.

So what’s the status of the project so far? The core rules are pretty much done and the game should be playable at this point. There are no special rules for spaceships yet and neither vehicle nor spaceship stats. The rules for character advancement aren’t written either, but that’s not a big deal.

The big question remains: did I “win” NaGa DeMon? Yes and no. Even though I didn’t win when the official NaGa DeMon requirements are concerned, I still see it as a big success. Galaxy Rising is slowly taking shape and the core rules are more or less playable already. I am committed on getting it done if not by the end of the year then at least in early 2013. If you want to have a closer look at how the game is looking so far, check it out below!

I am looking forward to your comments!

NaGa DeMon: The final days

The National Game Design Month ends in a couple of days and I fear I will not be able to fulfill one of the requirements set by Nathan Russell when he conceived the contest. But I am actually not worried about this at all. I might even turn this defeat into long-term success and take my time to finish writing the first draft of the game.

Over the last few weeks Galaxy Rising has become much larger than I anticipated. Participating in this year’s NaGa DeMon helped me to get excited about a project again. I am actually very happy with the progress so far. The core rules are basically done. Of course I still need to add stuff like special rules for spaceships and character advancement and come up with stats for the alien species in the setting, but aside from that the mechanics dubbed Galaxy Core should be fully playable.

The setting still needs a lot more fleshing out, though. I have a lot of cool ideas but I haven’t written them down yet. This will probably take a couple more days at least, if not weeks. I could hurry to get things done, but at this moment I actually prefer to make a proper effort and not rush things. So, in a way you may consider Galaxy Rising a failure at least when the rules of NaGa DeMon are concerned. But I consider it a success. I almost got the game done in one month and I still have a lot of energy to keep on working until it’s finally done.

What are your thoughts on the subject? As always any comments are highly appreciated.

NaGa DeMon: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

galaxycore_logo In the last post I revealed a few details about the rules system (which I dubbed Galaxy Core). One aspect I was not really happy with were Hooks. Yesterday I remembered that I actually had designed a similar mechanic for another game that never saw the light of day that I could easily adapt for Galaxy Core. Instead of up to three Hooks, each player now gets to pick three Traits: Concept, Motivation and Flaw.

The Concept is a short description of who your character is. This could be something like “Curious Explorer” or “Battle-hardened Veteran”. Motivation is a description of what drives the character on. It could be the quest for glory or riches, the belief in a greater good, personal revenge, whatever suits you best. Last but not least the Flaw is your character’s Achilles Heel. He or she may be vengeful, naive, impulsive, etc.

These traits are guidelines to better roleplay your character, but there are also some mechanical aspects. Each character now gets a new derived value as well: Resolve. Resolve is a measure of a character’s firmness of purpose or intent, his or her determination. Resolve can be spent in order to improve circumstances in the character’s favor and are regained when a character acts according to his Traits or achieves certain goals. You can spend Resolve to get a bonus to a Skill check if either your Concept or Motivation should give you an edge in the given situation.

A character’s Flaw can used by the GM to coerce the player to let the character act according to the Flaw, which gains the character a free point of Resolve. There will probably a couple of more uses for Resolve that I’ll introduce later.

What do you think of Traits? Do you prefer the more clearly defined traits over the rather loose hooks? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!