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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XV

Week 15… I’ve written a lot for my sci-fi Savage Worlds campaign, as these Sci-Fi Fridays! post prove. This time around the information is immediately relevant to the players. This is the rest crew of the ship they’ll be traveling on. I wanted to have a ship as a base of operations because it serves three purposes, first it facilitates travel to different worlds, something I think will benefit this campaign; second it is safe place where the characters can rest between adventures, but it has all sorts of adventure opportunities, like providing upkeep, getting supplies, etc. And lastly, it unifies the players; it is a reason for them to be together if they are the crew of a ship. On the flipside I did not want a single player to be the owner, or even to burden them with a debt of starship proportions. The solution was, they are the crew of the ship, and they have a salary and get a percentage of the earnings. With the exception of one character, who’ll be a passenger, all others are part of the crew of the Exeter.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the ship we’ll be using is from a Future Armada product by 0ht: art and technology. They produce the excellent Future Armada and Armada Codex series. They give you a ship’s layout as well as a description of the ship and crew. Future Armada has d20 based statistics, but they are so simple that converting them to other systems (as I did for Savage Worlds) is really easy. Armada Codex has generic rules for the ships. They also include high quality maps that allow you to use the ships with miniatures.

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Breaking the d20 Paradigm

“Dear d20 System, we’ve had a good run you and me… No, no relax, this is NOT that conversation. I am not breaking up with you! I just think we should see other people. You have your legions of adoring fans, and that shiny new 4th edition, you can see whoever you want, I have met some new systems, Indies mostly, and I want to explore my options. You can understand right? And we’ll always have Pathfinder…”

All kidding aside, I am not giving up on the d20 system, heck at least 70% of my gaming collection is d20 or earlier iterations. My currently on hiatus fantasy game uses the Pathfinder RPG rules and the current supers game is Mutants & Masterminds. I am happy with both systems, and probably will continue using them for these specific genres. Looking back over the last 6 years, all my long lasting campaigns have used a variation of the rule set: D&D 3rd ed., then Star Wars Saga System, D&D 4th ed., Pathfinder and now M&M. There have been intermittent one shot games using other system, Savage Worlds, Don’t Rest Your Head, Lady Blackbird and others, but my gaming group is firmly entrenched on their ways.

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Free Stuff Fridays: Javascript Character Generators

This is usually Youseph’s territory but I’m trying my hand at writing a Free Stuff Friday post because it’s a topic I’ve recently become very interested in, Character Generators. Every so often I become convinced there is a tool out there to help me create characters and NPCs for my games. I’ve tried a lot of them, with wildly different experiences (from elation to frustration) but these ones have proven really useful

In the website of The Pathology Guy there are links to a series of javascript based character generators:

D&D 4.0 Character Generator

D&D 3.5 Character Generator

D20 Modern Character Generator

D20 Cthulhu Character Generator

D&D 3.5 Dragon Generator

Dragonlance Character Generator

Dark Sun Character Generator

Eberron Character Generator

Forgotten Realms Character Generator

Ravenloft Character Generator

D&D Savage Species Character Generator

Star Wars Character Generator

Be aware that those setting specific generators are for the D&D 3rd edition rules and I believe the Star Wars Generator is for the revised rules by WotC not the Star Wars Saga System. I know many people still play these versions of these games and I hope they prove useful.

They are functional and in my experience easy to follow but do require you to have knowledge of the system you are generating characters for, but are otherwise a really helpful tool. You can generate a character sheet and then copy the results and modify as needed. I’ve used his D&D 3.5 and D20 Modern generators on various occasions.

Thanks for The Pathology guy for all his hard work!