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Fantasy Craft Giveaway: We have a winner!

Fantasy Craft On September 1st I announced a Fantasy Craft giveaway contest in order to celebrate Crafty Games latest release: “Time of High Adventure”. There have been 30 eligible comments and two late entries which couldn’t be considered. Instead of rolling my trusty d30, I used to generate a truly random number between 1 and 30. The lucky number was 29 this time and so, Typhon won!

I already sent him an email and when he accepts his prize, he’ll be reading Fantasy Craft in no time. In the unlikely case he doesn’t accept, I’ll do a second drawing. Typhon, if you read this and you haven’t got an email yet, please contact me using email (my email address is shown under that post).

Fantasy Craft Giveaway!

To celebrate yesterdays’ release of the PDF version of “Time of High Adventure” by Crafty Games, we give away one copy of the Fantasy Craft 2nd printing PDF today! As with all our PDF giveaways in the past, you need to have an account at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow in order to participate. But this should be a minor hurdle, if you ask me.

83505 63884

So, what do you have to do to get your hands on a copy of Fantasy Craft? That’s extremely easy this time. Just leave a comment under this post. That’s all. I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow at noon GMT+2 (German time). It would be nice if you write about why you’re interested in Fantasy Craft in the first place.

P.S.: To avoid possible confusion, please note that the prize for the giveaway contest is Fantasy Craft, not Time of High Adventure!

Gen Con: GM’s Jam!

One of the highlights of this year’s Gen Con was definitely the GM’s Jam seminar. Since I had brought my video camera with me, I recorded the whole thing and uploaded it to Alas I forgot to bring a tripod, so the video is a bit shaky at times. But aside from that, the video should be fine.

Part 1 (49:33):

Part 2 (32:41):

I hope you enjoy the video! By the way, there’s an alternative recording of the seminar at RPG Circus.