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Stargazer’s RPG podcast recommendations

When I got my first iPod I fell in love with podcasts. I commute by train for about an hour every day. And the best way to spend this hour is by listening to you favorite podcast (or read of course).

PodcastBefore I joined the RPG Bloggers Network I only knew Wizard’s D&D podcast (iTunes Store URL) that was usually quite interesting but it was often so low in volume that I stopped listening to it. Even though it might be better on my iPhone, I haven’t bothered to come back to it yet, perhaps it wasn’t so interesting after all.
But I think I will give it another chance. I am especially interested to listen to the Penny Arcade Episodes, where the WotC guys convinced the folks from Penny Arcade to play D&D with them. 

For a long time I didn’t listen to any RPG themed podcasts until I discovered Atomic Array and Fear The Boot. I’ve started listening to these podcasts just a few days ago starting with the oldest episodes, so it’s possible that they changed their format in the meantime.

Atomic ArrayAtomic Array (iTunes Store URL) is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Rone Barton and Ed Healy. From what I’ve listened to so far, Atomic Array is mostly about interviews. In every new episode they talk about a new game (most of them are pretty indie which is nice) with the game designer(s). Just by listening to a few episodes I’ve learned about a couple great games I’ve never even read about. They also have some regular columns like “The Beast” where one of the hosts rants about something he’s really, really mad about. They also have some cool give aways each episode, so if you have some luck you can get some new RPG (usually the one they talked about) for free.

Fear The BootFear the Boot (iTunes Store URL) has a weekly schedule and from what I’ve gathered so far they have a totally different approach than the Atomic Array guys. The focus on Fear the Boot is more about how to improve your roleplaying than showcasing new games every week. That’s a welcome change from the usual: hey, look what cool new game I found. Don’t get me wrong, I love Atomic Array especially because it presents me with a new game every two weeks but once in a while it’s nice to listen to a bunch of guys talking about their roleplaying experience. From what I’ve found out on their site, Fear the Boot has over 100 episodes so far and they obviously started working on their own campaign “Skies of Glass”. I am interesting how they will incorporate this into the format of the podcast.

So, are there any othe RPG podcast out there that I should know about? Please let me know in the comments.

Listen to this blog!

odiogo_logo_195x44Following into the footsteps of Dice Monkey I added an Odiogo “Listen Button” to my blog’s sidebar. Odiogo is a service that provides an audio version of your regular feed. The text-to-speech technology used is quite decent, so it turns your RSS feed almost into a podcast. You can also subscribe to this podcast using iTunes, so your readers can listen to your posts while communiting to work for example.
The WordPress plugin that is used by Odiogo also adds a “listen now” button to each post, which allows your users to listen to your posts while reading the site.  

For more details on how to set up Odiogo for your blog, check out

Game Geeks Video Podcast

Recently I stumbled upon the Game Geek video podcasts by Kurt Wiegel. In each episode Kurt reviews another roleplaying game or supplement. Until know there are over 80 episodes, so if you are thinking about getting a new roleplaying game, there’s a good chance that there’s already a video review about it (or not, if it’s a really obscure game).
Here’s the review of one of my favorite games: