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Kurt Wiegel really doesn’t like D&D 4th Edition

As you probably already know I greatly enjoy Kurt Wiegels regular RPG reviews on YouTube. He usually doesn’t do bad reviews and today I found out why this is a good thing. After a lot of people have been demanding a D&D 4th Edition review, he finally gave in. And it’s not a nice review, I can tell you.

And when I understand it correctly, he disagrees with D&D 4th Edition being so different from the earlier editions. I can understand that this is not to everyone’s liking, but does this make it a bad game? I strongly disagree. In a way he’s just saying: “It’s not what I wanted D&D 4th Edition to be – so it’s a bad game.”

I have to admit I like Kurt Wiegel more, when he’s reviewing games he likes!

Fear of Girls Episode III

“Fear of Girls” is a hilarious, ongoing webseries about two gamers that probably fulfill every single silly stereotype. The series isn’t as great as my all-time favorite “The Gamers“, but no roleplaying game fan shall miss it!
In Episode III Doug and Raymond are back and this time they launch their own roleplaying game …

You can check out episodes I & II here.

Fear of Girls

I don’t know if you guys can laugh about gamer stereotypes. I know I can. Everytime I watch the awesome movie “The Gamers” I am literally rolling on the floor laughing. Another pretty funny short movie about fantasy roleplayers is “Fear of Girls”.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

And by the way, do American gamers really use “boo-yah” when rolling a natural 20?