I am back!

To quote Mark Twain, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. It took me some time to think about various issues and make some decisions. I won’t get back to a daily (or almost daily) routine, because I just can’t put out that many articles without dropping overall quality. I don’t know how other bloggers are able to put out that much content while maintaining a certain quality. Perhaps they hire ghost-writers. 😀

In the last days I have mainly checked out several interesting roleplaying games. High up on that list where FUDGE and FATE. I like that both games are pretty easy to get into for new players but have quite some complexity underneath. And it’s easy to plug parts of other systems into both FUDGE and FATE. You need a sanity mechanic? Rip it out of Cthulhu and use it. It’s as easy as that.

Especially FATE looks very promising since it has completely done away with common attributes. Instead of attributes it uses “aspects”. The concept of aspects is a bit complicated in a few words, because they can be everything from character traits to background information or special abilities and even magic items. If Indiana Jones were a FATE character, he would for example have “fedora and whip” as one of his aspects. One of Han Solo’s apects could be “Millenium Falcon” or “Bounty on head”.

And since FATE works well in the pulp genre, I think it could be a perfect match for my Asecia Reloaded project. Asecia Reloaded is a complete overhaul of my campaign setting in the making “Asecia”. I have thought long about the future of my setting and talked with some friends about it. I will keep some core elements in touch but I will go a slighty different route. And the whole campaign will get a pulp novel touch. So stay tuned, I still have some ideas up my sleeves! 🙂