RPG Blog Anthology

When I was sitting in front of my computer this morning, drinking a cup of hot coffee, one email by Jonathan Jacobs grabbed my attention. He’s currently working hard to get the RPG Blog Anthology released and he sent me a draft of chapter eight which includes one of my posts.

And from what I’ve seen so far, the RPG Blog Anthology will be a must for players and GMs alike. The quality of the writing is excellent and the featured artwork is very nice, too. You can check out a few pieces of artwork in Johnathan’s latest update on the upcoming anthology. 

The transition from online blog posts to printed publication seems to work out pretty well. Links are converted to footnotes at the end of the articles and they even added some comments from the original posts. The current layout is a simple two-column-layout and the fonts are easy to read, which is pretty nice in my book. It’s all about the content after all. And you’ll get a lot of that. Chapter 8, which is about D&D 4th Edition Classes, Equipment and Action Points is 30 pages long! 

If you want to support the RPG Blog Anthology you can a) still donate money to the project (there’s a PayPal donate button at Johnathan’s blog) or b) help spread the word. If you are on good terms with your local gaming store, you can perhaps convince them to put some copies on the shelves when the anthology is finally out. 

For more information on the RPG Blog Anthology please check out Jonathan Jacobs’ blog “The Core Mechanic“!