Why is there no Harry Potter RPG?

harry_potterHarry Potter has been a great success. Author  Joanne K. Rowling created a series of books that has rekindled the love for books in many children and even a lot of adults. Each Harry Potter book was an instant bestseller and the movies were huge cinema box office hits. But there still is no Harry Potter roleplaying game.

That’s really a shame, since in my opinion such a game could be a good way to introduce Harry Potter fans of all ages to the roleplaying hobby. There’s already a very detailed setting with various interesting places, its own culture, monsters, fantasy sports, etc., so you won’t have to create a lot of background to fill in the gaps in the background. Naturally players would be most interested in playing the young wizards attending Hogwarts or another school for wizards and witches. 

I haven’t read the books (I have only watched the movies), so I don’t know how the story about Harry and his friends ends, but I am pretty sure there’s still a lot of conflict and mystery in the world of “Harry Potter” even after the end of the series. So, why hasn’t anyone tried to get a license for a Harry Potter RPG? Do the publishers think the fans of the series are not interested in roleplaying or is perhaps J.K. Rowling herself against using her world in roleplaying games?