Creating an old-school map in GIMP

As you probably remember, the One-Page Dungeon Contest hosted by fellow RPG bloggers ChattyDM and Chgowiz in on. Some people have already started sending in their dungeons, others (like me) are still working on their entries. A major hurdle is creating a proper map especially when you don’t have any drawing skills.

Tutorial map
The above map is from a tutorial I found at the Cartographer’s Guild forum. The step-by-step tutorial allowed me to create a nifty map for my one-page dungeon project and I am sure it will help you, too. Please note that you have to register at the forums to view the attached images.

Please note that the One-page Dungeon Contest closes on May 14th 2009 at midnight.

Michael Wolf is a German games designer and enthusiast best known for his English language role-playing games blog, Stargazer's World, and for creating the free rules-light medieval fantasy adventure game Warrior, Rogue & Mage. He has also worked as an English translator on the German-language Dungeonslayers role-playing game and was part of its editorial team. In addition to his work on Warrior, Rogue & Mage and Dungeonslayers, he has created several self-published games and also performed layout services and published other independent role-playing games such as A Wanderer's Romance, Badass, and the Wyrm System derivative Resolute, Adventurer & Genius, all released through his imprint Stargazer Games. Professionally, he works as a video technician and information technologies specialist. Stargazer's World was started by Michael in August 2008.

4 thoughts on “Creating an old-school map in GIMP”

  1. Ooooo…. Fancy. I may have to try that, even though my dungeon (as I have it in my mind now) isn't particularly old-school.


  2. it looks pretty solid, too bad its forum based though, because its forcing you to sign up if you want to download the needed files.

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