The Shiniest Stories on Stargazer’s World Last Month

September was a pretty good month for my blog. Let’s have a look back on your favorite posts from September 2009:

  • My stance on D&D 4th Edition
    Some of you may remember that I was part of the D&D 4th Edition crowd when it was released but slowly I got more and more skeptical of the latest edition of D&D. In this post I tried to (and obviously succeeded) in describing my thoughts on D&D 4th Edition without starting another edition war. That’s something I am quite proud of.
  • Why play old-school D&D?
    Why should someone play the very first editions of D&D when there are hundreds of modern games available? This post gives a few reasons why it is fun to play like it’s 1974.
  • Fantasy Craft
    In early September I learned about Fantasy Craft, a shiny new fantasy roleplaying game based on the d20 System. While it seems pretty familiar on the first glance, it’s refreshingly different than D&D 3.5 or Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG. That reminds me, I haven’t written a proper review yet.
  • Follow-up: D&D 4th Edition Firearms
    In mid-September I had another look at one of my most successful posts “D&D 4th Edition Firearms”. One of my readers by the name of Perfidius came up with the idea of turning firearms into powers. Although I don’t play D&D 4E right now, I wanted to share that idea with a wider audience.
  • Robin D. Laws interview
    Robin Laws has been a freelance writer in the RPG industry since the early 90s and in this time he has written numerous games and supplements including the GUMSHOE system. And he was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. If you are a fan of his works, you just have to check the interview out!
  • Home-made GM screens @ System matters
    I have to admit I was pretty surprised that this post was one of the most popular articles on my blog in all September. Obviously there’s a lot of interest in home-made GM screens.
  • Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, man!
    On September 9th 2009 Berin Kinsman aka UncleBear posted his ROLPUNK manifesto, and I am one of the people jumping onto the bandwagon! If you want to learn more about ROLPUNK, you should have a look at the manifesto.

I also want to mention my review of Monte Cook’s latest book “The Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracies” that hasn’t had that many readers yet, probably because I chose confusing title. But if you are a fan of Monte’s work, you should have a look at my review: “THEY are out there!”.