Annual GM’s Day Sale at RPGNow

GMs Day As every year, OneBookShelf is celebrating the GM day by having a big sale. The products of participating companies will be 25% off  between March 3rd and March 8th. So what are you waiting for? Head to RPGNow now and get something nice for your GM! 🙂

Following is a list of some of the products that caught my eye. Please note, that this list isn’t complete.

  • Shambles Shambles
    Shambles is an RPG in which you explore life as a Zombie.  One day you just woke up dead.  Now you just want to get on with your life, such as it is.
    You can read my review of Shambles here.

  • MARS MARS: The Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance
    Not Mars as it is – airless, most likely lifeless, with only the faintest hints of what might have once been a damp, if not necessarily lush and living, world billions of years in the past. No, this is Mars as it should be and as it was once imagined to be – an ancient, dying, but not yet dead world, a world where a vast canal network reaches from pole to pole, bringing water and life to vast and fantastic cities.
    Adamant Entertainments book is currently available for just $1! If you are into the planetary romance genre, you should definitely get it!
  • LotFR Legend of the Five Rings: 3rd Edition Revised
    Return to Rokugan, where honor is a force more powerful than steel.

    For one thousand years, the Empire of Rokugan has stood as a bastion of nobility, honor, and virtue. These lands are ruled by the samurai, powerful heroes who carry the katana and wakizashi as their badge of rank. Eight Great Clans vie with one another for supremacy over these lands, all under the eye of the mighty Emperor. And to the south, the Shadowlands, the eternal enemy of Rokugan, waits for the next opportunity to disrupt all that these foolish mortals have built. It is a land of intrigue, wonder, and adventure.
    I haven’t played Legend of the Five Rings, but I’ve heard good things of both the setting and the system. Perhaps I should use the chance and pick it up.

  • SLA Industries SLA Industries 1.1
    Operative, Employee, Contract Killer, Necanthrope, Ebon, Biogenetic, Corporate. These are the lifestyles available to you when you enter SLA Industries’ World of Progress. Society split between truth and deception, conflict and political subversion, style and horror. Television and Insanity. Fighting for your life as an oblivious public watches on, awaiting your last breath between the adverts.
    SLA Industries is one of the games I always wanted to pick up and check out. There’s also a free version available, which is basically the original 1.0 version. The new 1.1 version includes errata and new art.
  • A Penny For My ThoughtsA Penny For My Thoughts
    Have you lost your memory? The Orphic Institute for Advanced Studies can help, with its revolutionary MnemosyneTM treatment process. By ordering this useful treatment guide, you can learn how to get your memory-and your life-back. Order today. The Orphic Institute for Advanced Studies: Bringing the Truth out of Darkness™.
    This game by Evil Hat Productions is quite different from most classic RPGs. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s high up on the list of games I want to try out in the future. By the way, has any of my readers already played “A Penny for My Thoughts”?
  • Midnight Midnight: 2nd Edition
    The classic setting returns!
    FFG reprints and re-envisions the lands under the Shadow in this 2nd Edition of the award-winning world of Midnight. Midnight is an original d20 setting that pits the players against overwhelming forces of evil in a desperate fight for survival and freedom. There is only one god in Midnight, and it is the dark lord Izrador, the Shadow in the North. For centuries his twisted spawn have assaulted the free people of Eredane, and 100 years ago, he won. Now the land is his, the people are enslaved, and magic, weapons, and literacy are outlawed. Only the brave and courageous few dare to resist the Shadow.
    In my opinion Midnight was one of the coolest settings released during the d20 craze. It’s a world where evil has already one. Imagine a Middle Earth where Frodo failed to destroy the One Ring. That’s what Midnight is like. Highly recommended.
  • Warriors & Warlocks Warriors & Warlocks
    Not all comic books are about costumed heroes fighting crime; many classic comics have featured the fantastical adventures of sword-wielding and spell-casting heroes. Now Warriors & Warlocks takes the Mutants & Masterminds RPG to the realm of fantasy. This beautifully illustrated sourcebook includes information on character design, magic, equipment, villains, monsters, and more. It also includes a Mutants & Masterminds rules companion to Green Ronin’s popular Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, along with an introduction and overview of Freeport as a setting for fantasy adventures. Warriors & Warlocks is your go-to guide for comic book sword & sorcery action.
    I always had a soft spot for Mutants & Masterminds. Even the core book allows you to play almost everything from superheroes campaigns to a more realistic modern day campaign. Even some SF should be possible without any problems. With the W&W supplement creating fantasy campaigns becomes pretty easy. Hmm, perhaps I should get this and get a campaign inspired by Battle Chasers up and running. 😉
  • The Desire Portrait of a Villain – The Desire
    Get the complete back story to the villain Desiree Turpis, a.k.a. The Desire. This 57-page full color eBook includes everything a DM needs to introduce this new, reoccurring villain into any 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Desire is the perfect villain to add intrigue and betrayal to your game.
    This is a Heroic Tier supplement that is fully-compatible with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.
    Although this book was meant for D&D 4th Edition it contains a lot of material you can use in any game. I am still hoping that the guys at Nevermet Press fully flesh out the campaign setting they obviously had in mind while creating the Desire.
  • SW Fantasy Companion Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion
    Hundreds of items, monsters, and new spells await your dungeon delvers in this Explorer’s-size full-color Companion for Savage Worlds. Arm your dwarven warrior with all-new Edges and a legendary axe so that he can stand against terrible dragons, loathsome demons, and even the most-dreaded giant bees! The Companion series features genre material that’s ready to be added directly to your existing game or help you start a new one. Expand your options and increase your fun: get a Companion today!
    I have to get this. Period! Seriously, Savage Worlds is currently my favorite roleplaying game system and I would love to run a Eberron campaign using Savage Worlds. The Fantasy Companion should make this task much, much easier.

These are hundreds more titles at an reduced price at RPGNow until Monday. So, if you want to spend some money on roleplaying game PDFs, you should use the chance. If you have found other interesting games in the sale, feel free to post the links in the comments below.