Preparing for Gen Con: Geek Wear

When I finally decided to attend Gen Con this year, I also decided that I wanted to have at least one t-shirt with my blogโ€™s logo made. Why? Because it makes it much easier for people to recognize me. There are a lot of people Iโ€™ve never met in real life and in some cases I have no idea how they look like. But if I wear a t-shirt with my blogโ€™s logo on it, they at least know who I am!

So, if you are at Gen Con 2010 in Indianapolis look out for that disturbed looking German guy with beard and glasses wearing one of those shirts:

Whatโ€™s the stance of my fellow RPG bloggers on this? Do you wear custom shirts at Gen Con as well? What does the non-blogging gamer wear at Gen Con? As always I am interested in your thought, so feel free to post them in the comments below!