New Official Fudge Site launched

Last week Grey Ghost Press launched its new community-driven Fudge RPG site. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, and I am not that fond of the CMS they use, but it’s definitely a vast improvement over the old site.

Here’s the official announcement as posted by Ann Dupuis on the Fudge RPG Yahoo Group:

The new community-driven is now online!

The revamped site offers members the following:

Create your own Member Profile, send and receive private messages with other members, and much more

Receive news concerning Fudge, Grey Ghost Games, and via our email newsletter

Post in our forums, including the new "Fudge Forge" developer forum for Fudge gamemasters working on their own Fudge materials (for commercial or non-commercial publishing)

Comment on articles and blogs

Submit links to Fudge material on the internet in our Weblinks area

Download Fudge and many Fudge-related files from the Fudge Files members-only area

Apply for "author" status to have your Fudge-related Blog hosted on

Apply for access to our "Fudge Publishers" forum for people and companies publishing substantial Fudge materials (commercially or not)

I hope to see you there!


Thanks to fudgebob, regular on the #stargazersworld IRC channel, for pointing that news out to me. Fudge is one of my favorite games I’ve never played, so I am quite excited about the new Fudge site. Especially the official Fudge forums hosted there might come in handy in the future.