Dear gaming community

The following is some kind of open letter that I wrote on Google+ a while ago. In the light of recent events I decided to repost it here. If you are interested in the 132 comments it got back then, follow this link. Please note that I shared the post with my Gaming circle only and if you’re not in that circle, you can’t view the post. Sorry.

Dear gaming community,

I am sick and tired of the bullshit that is currently going on in our community. Game designers and fans have to defend the games they design and/or play all the time and are accused of being racists, feminazis, misogynists, whatever even though they have done nothing wrong and/or tried not to offend anyone.

If I enjoy Victorian steampunk games I am suddenly an evil imperialist, if a game I play features artwork with a chainmail bikini I am suddenly a woman-hating monster and if I play a game set into a world based on medieval Europe I am obviously an white supremacist who suppresses basically everyone. *Sigh*

When there’s some cause for concern, it’s ok to point it out and talk about it, but obviously people have become quite oversensitive recently. Sometimes I feel like there’s a witch hunt going on and everyone tries to be the better witch hunter.

As you all well know I am usually not someone who starts fights, rants or throws accusations around. And I don’t intend to do that in the future. But I am tired of what’s going on right now.


Back then I was mainly annoyed but at this moment I am actually concerned. I know of several occasions where people try to hurt people from the hobby/industry and even attempt destroy their businesses by using libel. Heck, some people actually started a petition on in order to basically drive a small-press publisher out of business. This is definitely going to far.