My favorite games are usually science fiction but once in awhile I feel the draw of fantasy. My current games include running 2 D6 Fantasy games - one tabletop, one online using Fantasy Grounds and some LARPing for which I’m coordinator of my local Camarilla Chapter. My two primary LARP characters are V (Daeva, Invictus, Squire of the Thorned Wreath) and Kiera (Mekhet, Carthian Movement, resident in Auburn, AL). I welcome IC contacts.

Just Say Yes

Posted by Viriatha, the Bard of Valiant Saying yes to players is something we all know we should do, whether it be a hard skill challenge or finding that unique cool item in...

September 14, 2009

Guest post: Use Your Weaknesses

Stargazer and I chat regularly on Google Talk. He’s a pretty cool guy to talk to and our conversations almost always spur me to think about something new. Earlier this week, we were...

April 29, 2009