What class are you?

Wizards obviously has a new quiz that allows you to determine which class suits you best. And it seems I would make a good sorcerer. Hmm…

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Thanks to DaveTheGame for posting about this on Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “What class are you?”

  1. Just took the test and I'm a sorcerer as well. Although, I've always thought of myself as more of a psion. (not available yet, I guess) I would have liked to see what class can up in second place.

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  2. I currently play a swordmage in D&D. But sorcerer could be interesting as well, but I have to admit that I never played one. I tried the 4th Edition warlock once and although it was fun in combat I wasn't comfortable with the character, so I asked my GM to reroll as a genasi swordmage.

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