Fire & Ice

I recently read about the fantasy movie “Fire & Ice” and watched the trailer. From the looks of it, it was a TV movie or Direct-to-DVD production. Does anyone have seen this movie? Is it any good or just another B-Movie with an atrocious script and bland story?

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5 thoughts on “Fire & Ice”

  1. Wow. I thought at first you were going to be talking about the Bakshi / Frazetta movie (which I own and love). This looks totally bizarre and pretty crappy, but I am highly entertained that it's got John Rhys Davies, Arnold Vosloo, and of all people, Amy Ackerman (evil skinny girl from the 5th season of Alias).

    "Fire" Dragon vs. "Ice" Dragon – who woulda thought…

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  2. Yeah, these always look good on paper…and in the TV listings too. IIRC this was one was yet another in a long series of Sci-Fi channel originals, seemingly always featuring "Gimli"…ha!

    I was (and actually still sometimes am) a sucker for DVRing these flicks. Most of the times I watch the first 15 minutes, and then find myself fast-forwarding thru at a blinding pace, looking for the good parts, until I usually just hit the "delete recording" key.

    I know for sure that I did not completely watch this particular one, though, so give it a whirl yourself. Everyone has different tastes, so maybe you'll dig it. Seriously though, look for it on sci-fi. I'm oretty sure it was on that every other day a little while back.

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  3. As the poster said above, Sci-Fi channel original. Not good awesome, not bad awesome. Just meh.

  4. Thanks, guys. I didn't expect too much, but it seems it's not even worth trying to get my hands on a copy of that movie.

  5. I saw this movie on the scifi channel awhile ago. It was ok. I like how they imagined the dragons, that was pretty good.

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