Good advice for all RPG bloggers

Yesterday fellow blogger Trask posted an article with advice for aspiring RPG bloggers over at Living Dice. Even if you are already a RPG blogger you should check out this post. It’s an interesting read and sometimes even the veterans can learn a thing or two.

First, a hard dose of reality. Blog for love of the game, not money. You will not make significant money blogging about RPGs. Period.   Oh, you might make some money every month, perhaps  enough to cover hosting fees or pay for a trip to a convention once a year if you save all your earnings, but you will not make a living at it. There are simply not enough people interested in the hobby to  generate enough traffic. If you want to make money blogging pick a topic that appeals to teenage girls. Now there is a money-making demographic!  If you are still interested even though there is little money in the hobby, read on for some more useful advice.

Even if you have been blogging for some time now, you really should check out Trask’s post!