Did you know that TSR released a 22-page pulp RPG in Dragon magazine #42 back in 1981? Back in 1981 I didn’t even know what TSR was and I think I read my first Dragon Magazine somewhere in the ’90s. But it’s true, TSR released the probably first pulp RPG 1981 in issue 42 of their monthly Dragon magazine.

Crimefighters has been written by David Cook and it’s rules may look oldfashioned from today’s standards but are definitely playable. There is even a introductory adventure and an article by Bryce Knorr about the history of the pulp genre. Even if you don’t intend to play this game, this article is worth the download.

The complete pulp roleplaying game can be downloaded at The Lair of the Evil DM. The PDF is also mirrored on the German RPG blog “Rollenspiel-Almanach“.

CrimefightersPDF Mirror

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  1. This was the first Pulp Rpg which I played. If you like this game or if you like PULP, try Pulp Adventure from Planet Pulp Productions. It is loosely based on Crime Fighters.

    The game uses a simple d100 mechanic and encourages role-playing and heroic stunts with the use of "pulp Points". This game has been in development for many years with the definitive rulebook due out in February.

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