Help the guys from 6d6 Fireball test their Affiliate system!

The nice guys from 6d6 Fireball need your help. They are currently testing their Affilitate systems. What can you do to help?

Helping as a blogger/site owner:

  • Let them  know via twitter (send your request to @6d6Fireball) or e-mail (Hello[at]6d6Fireball[dot]com) that you want to help. You’ll get an e-mail with instructions.

Helping as a blog visitor:

  • Notice that link to 6d6Fireball under Affiliations to the right? Just click on it once in a while. That’s so easy, even my Mom could do it. Or just click one of the links in that post.

By the way, the payment system is of course not live, they are just testing the tracking technology. So don’t expect to get payed. 😉