Dungeonslayers: The Runes of Oblivion

Yesterday Christian Kennig released another one-page dungeon for his free, old-fashioned roleplaying game Dungeonslayers. Here’s the blurb from the official site:

D2G #5 “Get up!” – the elf came slowly to.

What’s going on? What happened?

The rough voice growled once more: “I said get up, damn pointy eared elf brood! What is this eldritch sorcery? Speak!”

The elf opened his eyes. He was lying on a floor. A cellar perhaps?

Where am I?

A stout dwarf loomed before the elf, cocked crossbow at the ready: “Get up already, you sylvan tree hugger and tell me exactly what’s going on here!”

Who is this dwarf? And what does he want?

The dwarf bellowed: “And who are these maggots?”, pointing to the other figures on the floor.

Who are these people? What am I doing here? What strange game is being played?

Well, it’s the fifth Dungeon-to-Go. This time for wholly unexperienced characters and without traditional prelude. “The Runes of Oblivion” await you in the Downloads. Go grab ’em! And as always: don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!

Even if you don’t run DS, the Dungeons2Go are highly recommended. Because of the rules-light nature of the game, the adventures are easily adapted to any setting.