Six Hundred!

Some time ago the 600th post has been published on Stargazer’s World. Considering that we reached the 500 posts milestone in February, this is quite an achievement! And this time I had a lot of help reaching that milestone because on February 17th Andrew, Roberto, Youseph and Sven joined the team.

Following the tradition I started back in January 2009, I will now give you an overview of the most popular posts during the last few months:

  • GM Advice: How to handle “GM’s block”
    Recently the blog got a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon and so a few older posts suddenly became very popular. One of those is my advice on how to handle GM’s block. If you haven’t read it, yet, make sure you check it out.
  • Fearsome Floors
    Sven’s first boardgame review was the second most popular post during the last three months. Fearsome Floors is a rules-light and somewhat whacky horror-themed game that might have some appeal to roleplayers in particular and geeks in general.
  • Preview: Kingdom Builder by Chaotic Shiny Productions
    Earlier this year I helped Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny Productions to test her Kingdom Builder software and when it was finally released she provided me with a free review copy. So I seized the opportunity and wrote an in-depth preview including a lot of screenshots and examples.
  • WEG: This is the end
    More recently I reported about something I read over at “The Wild Die”: Eric Gibson is currently in the process of selling off West End Games remaining assets (including JUNTA, TORG and others) and will probably close WEG after that. This is definitely the end of an era!
  • Preview: Space 1889 – Red Sands
    My preview of the upcoming campaign setting for Savage Worlds was among the most popular posts since our blog his the 500 posts milestone. That’s not really a surprise because Savage Worlds is one of the most popular games out there. And it seems the combination between the “Fast! Furious! Fun!” game system and the Space 1889 setting is made of pure win!

Another tradition I started back in early 2009 was, that I posted a few statistics about the blog each time it hits a certain milestones. So here they are:

  • Total number of posts: 615 (including this one)
  • Total number of approved comments: 2,662
  • Number of total views: 159,912
  • Busiest day: 4,631 — Wednesday, April 8, 2009 (this record is still unbroken!)
  • Active WordPress plugins: 29
  • Technorati authority: 480
  • Google Page Rank: 3 (still unchanged)
  • Cups of coffee consumed by me during the writing of that post: 2
  • Word count of this post: 495

I also want to use the opportunity to thank everyone who helped Stargazer’s World become what it is now. First and foremost I have to thank all authors and guest posters that have contributed to the blog. Many thanks to all my good friends from the RPG Bloggers community. I couldn’t have done it without you!