Ask the Readers: What do you eat at the gaming table?

Potato chips Back when I started roleplaying we usually ate a lot of snacks at the game table (mostly potato chips in various flavors), drank gallons of soft drinks and coffee and in the evening we stuffed ourselves with sandwiches our GM’s mom had prepared for us.

Over the years I experimented with alternatives to salty and greasy snacks like potato chips and soft drinks. A more healthy snack are vegetables like cucumbers,  kohlrabies, peppers, carrots etc. that are great if served with a nice dip. There are hundreds of great dip recipes on the internet, but sometimes even a simple sour cream with some spices is more than sufficient. But I have to admit that this kind of snack needs more preparation and is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I know of gaming groups that also use their regular meetings to cook a proper meal together. If you have enough time this is definitely a fun activity (especially if you like cooking with your friends). But since we usually don’t have that much time, we prepare some dinner beforehand. My favorites are pizza, chili con carne, or other meals you can easily prepare a couple of hours before you actually have dinner. In my opinion having a proper meal together is an important part of my gaming sessions. The pauses are a good opportunity to chat, so that the gaming session itself keeps focused on gaming and not talking about what happened last week, the latest politics or sports events.

So, what do you eat at the gaming tables? Do you stick to snacks or is cooking with your friends an important part? Do you have any recipes to share? And would you like to read more about gaming food on Stargazer’s World? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!