WR&M Review @ The Chaos Grenade

I am always overjoyed to read reviews of my game “Warrior, Rogue & Mage”. And I am especially happy when someone enjoyed it very much, like in the case of R.E. Davis from The Chaos Grenade. He’s using the game to run a campaign in a post-apocalyptic/steampunk campaign. The only thing he didn’t like that much was the fact that the exploding die mechanic can be a bit too lethal:

I will give the warning that the exploding dice mechanic can seem to bite a person’s face off with relative ease in this system. If there was anything I felt needed to be changed, is perhaps figuring a way to scale this mechanic back a tad. In our game session Saturday Night, my dice were out to kill my friend Josh’s character. This could be either a boon or a bane for some; on one hand, this means even the weakest of foes and characters have the opportunity to dish out some serious damage or miraculous skill rolls. On the other, it can lead to some horrendous party wipes and what was supposed to be an easy encounter suddenly becomes the end of a campaign.

You can read the full review here. I have to admit I’ve encountered the problem in my own playtest sessions as well and I am already thinking about easy ways to fix it without abandoning the exploding die rule. Expect some advanced/optional rules in the coming weeks.