20% discount @ DriveThruRPG

As in the last months we can provide our readers with a 20% discount coupon code for DriveThruRPG. The coupon code is good from now till October 5th and can be used with purchases from the following publishers:

  • Cubicle 7
  • Dream Pod 9
  • Fabled Environments
  • Fat Dragon Games
  • Goodman Games
  • Erisian Entertainment
  • Generic Universe Publishing
  • Holistic Designs
  • Kallisti Press
  • Louis Porter Jr. Design
  • OtherWorld Creations
  • Palladium Books
  • Rogue Games
  • RPG Objects
  • Savage Mojo

The code is HotAugustGames2010! Enjoy!

And while you’re there, why don’t you get Warrior, Rogue & Mage and the supplement From the Imperial Forges as well? They are both free and if you like rules-light fantasy games you’re in for a treat!