Earlier today I installed the DISQUS comment system on Stargazer’s World. At the same time I disabled the Janrain Engage plugin which allowed users to sign in using various social media services. The Janrain plugin has caused several issues lately and to add insult to injury it lost its setting almost regularly so I had to fix it much too often. The latest update of the plugin also forced me to open site registrations again which has lead to the creation of endless accounts by spammers.

The DISQUS plugin will add some new features to the comment system and will hopefully make it easier for you to read and write comments. If you encounter any issues with the new system, please let me know!

UPDATE: One thing I’ve noticed is that the widget in the sidebar to the right shows pretty ancient comments as recent. I am pretty sure this was caused by the import process and will remedy itself as soon as new comments are coming in.