cropped-GRT All of you probably know the Free RPG Day. Even though the official Free RPG Day website claims that “consumers worldwide will be able to grab brand new material for a variety of RPGs”. Alas this wasn’t really true for every gamer worldwide. The majority of the Free RPG Day was focused on the United States.

German gamers lead by fellow RPG blogger and designer Moritz Mehlem have now started an initiative to organize a German Free RPG Day. The first Gratisrollenspieltag is planned for February 2, 2013, and several German roleplaying publishers, stores and clubs are participating.

As of today the following publishers agreed to participate:

I am glad that so many German publishers are interested in this project and are willing to invest time, effort and money to make it a reality. Kudos!

I am currently wondering if the German market is actually interesting enough for publishers abroad to participate as well. And what about the dice manufacturer’s like Chessex or Q-Workshop? German gamers need dice, too. But there’s still some time and hopefully a few more participants will sign up.

Nevertheless it’s definitely great that someone has taken up the reins and is organizing a Free RPG Day in Germany.