Ask The Readers: Option Paralysis

For years I have been dealing with a rather severe case of option or rather decision paralysis. As you probably know I own way too many roleplaying games. I love reading new games and checking out the classics. In a way collecting roleplaying game books is as much a hobby for me as running or playing them. Unfortunately this comes with a heavy price: I can’t make up my mind!

Regardless of the genre I want to run a game in I have at least a dozen viable choices. In addition to that I own countless genre-agnostic games like GURPS, Cypher System and others. For each and every game I own I can easily list a number of pros and cons why it fits or doesn’t fit my ideas, but in most cases I still end up with at least two options.

Since I often can’t make up my mind, I usually ask my players for help. Unfortunately most of them don’t really care about mechanics. They are basically happy with everything I throw at them. I should be happy that my players are that open and trusting, but alas it doesn’t help to solve my problem.

How do you deal with option paralysis? Or do you have some tips on how to get your players make a choice? Any advice is highly appreciated!