More prop generators!

In my last post I wrote about the Newspaper Clipping Generator, but there are a lot of generators available on the internet that can help you to easily create props for your roleplaying game and/or your blog/website/whatever.

  • Ticket-O-Matic
    Create your own first class airplane ticket. The generator allows you to choose from 33 airline.
  • MagMyPic
    This service allows you to create a fake magazine cover. 
  • Old Photo Generator
    This nifty tool let’s you age your photos. That’s especially handy if you take some photos for your next Cthulhu session and age them to make them look like they were from the 19th century.
  • Monsterizer!
    Ok, you can’t really use that for your roleplaying session… hmm … perhaps a very creative GM could make use of this tool, but it’s fun!
    The “Monsters Initial Stickers Name Generator” creates something like this (you can enter your own words of course):

You find hundreds of interesting and fun generators at the Generator Blog! Have fun!