“Game over, man”

AliensThat’s probably one of the most well known quotes from the movie Aliens, one of my personal favorite SF movies. The sequel of the SF-horror-classic “Alien” featured a group of colonial marines who fought the Aliens that had destroyed the colony on planet LV-426.

In a way the colony base was some kind of modern version of the dungeon in fantasy roleplaying games. And since we are currently in the middle of a renaissance of old-school games, a new Aliens RPG could be quite interesting. I remember there was an Aliens roleplaying game back in the late 80s or early 90s but I never was able to get my hands on a copy. And I tried to find some information on that game on the ‘net but failed. 

But some fans have already created Aliens RPGs based on several gaming systems. The probably most extensive version I found is based on the FUZION rules and can be downloaded at website Serena Dawn Station which also features a Ghost in the Shell conversion for d20 Modern (something I’ll have to check out in the future).

Recently TheGamerGuy, admin of the WEG Fan Forums, has posted some Aliens stuff on his blog. He’s currently working on a Aliens campaign using D6 Space rules and has decided to share what he has compiled so far. Aside from a couple of character archetypes, you’ll find stats for the alien xenomorphs. That should be enough to create a couple of Marines and kill some nasty aliens!