I usually don’t agree with RPGPundit …

… but this time, he’s right. His comment on the current situation with Wizards of the Coast pulling the plug on all of their PDFs is spot on. And if you check out his post, make sure to read the comments by Ryan Dancey. It’s very interesting to read what a former WoTC employee thinks about all this.

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3 thoughts on “I usually don’t agree with RPGPundit …”

  1. I completely disagree with the sentiment that WotC has pulled pdf's off of the market in order to kill the competition or are trying to eliminate older editions of D&D or what not to help sales of 4E. This sounds more like a paranoid conspiracy theory to me, or just another reason to slam WotC because one doesn't like 4th Edition. Why would they even need to do that when Players Handbook 2 just spent 2 weeks on Wall Street Journals best seller list? I call that slander.

    I'll be honest here, over the past few of months I had started developing a sort of "hobby" of going to scribd.com and reading tons of old TSR modules and accessories that had began popping up there after they'd been put up for sale on places like Paizo. I was quite happy that I could indulge in some nostalgia and not have to give Paizo $5 a pop for some old Dark Sun or Mystara stuffs, there were even really old issues of Dragon on there. I even noticed that the latest issues of Dragon and Dungeon, which require a paid subscription, were available to be read for free. Then all of a sudden, a few days before this big "scandal" broke out most of the old TSR stuff was pulled from scribd.com by WotC. All if this was property of WotC, and was being pirated and distributed for free – that is THEFT. I think this played a part in what happened. If WotC is coming up with a way for people to purchase THEIR PROPERTY and reduce piracy then more power to them.

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  2. Pulling all PDFs because of piracy? That's just ridicolous! If you ask me they pulled the plug on PDF sales because they want to sell them in there own store. And I am pretty sure we won't see any pre-4th Edition stuff on that store.

  3. Even if I agreed with his reasoning (and I don't – the conspiracy theory is over the top – they've shown that they don't care about the entire retro scene one way or the other by not challenging any of the retro-clones in court), it would just show that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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