Dungeons & Dragons Online goes free to play

Ok, in my first post I told everyone that this blog is about pen & paper RPGs and not MMORPGs or even LARP. But sometime you just have to break your own rules to get the message out!

DDO screenshot

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach will be updated later this year into D&D Online:Unlimited that features a raised level cap (to 20), new races and classes and an item/cash shop. In addition to that the business model is changed from subscription-based to free-to-play with VIP accounts. That means you’ll probably have to pay a monthly fee to get all features of the game but you’ll also be able to play most parts of the game for free.

I have played DDO a couple of times in the past and although I enjoyed it very much, I returned to WoW after a couple of weeks/months. But when it becomes free-to-play I will definitely give it another look.

The updated game will soon reach closed beta where selected players will have a sneak peek at the updated game. If you want to sign up for the beta, or check out a couple of gorgeous screenshots, visit the official DDO site.

Update for Europe: Codemasters, which runs DDO in Europe has posted the following announcement:


Today Turbine announced the start of its Beta program for a new digital upgrade for DDO called Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, (DDO Unlimited).

As in the past, Turbine will be running this Beta program on its servers in North America to get the game ready for launch. This is a very exciting time for DDO and in the coming months, Turbine will unveil their plans to roll out DDO Unlimited to players around the world.

To clarify, for the time being, DDO Europe will not be assuming this new business model and the European DDO game service will remain a monthly subscription-based game with all new content created available to all subscribers, as has been the model up until now. As the Beta progresses we will release more information regarding the future plans for EU players.

As soon as we have more news from Turbine on what happens next we will share it.

Source: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=359318

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7 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons Online goes free to play”

  1. This is…interesting news. I've played the trial of DDO, and it felt okay, but not okay enough to pay a monthly subscription. However, when this goes F2P, I'm pretty sure I'll give it another run.

    My question is: do all those loyal users who paid for quite some time get any form of compensation for all the money they've put into this?

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  2. I played it for a little while, but found it frustrating that (unlike City of Heroes) mixed-level teaming was basically impossible so if you were playing casually, one or two nights a week, anybody you met worth teaming with will have out-leveled you completely by the next time you logged in. If it were free to play I might be more willing to put up with the solo grind or casual pick-up groups.

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  3. Yeah, I can dig it. I played the trial too but there wasn't enough there different than other MMORPGs to hook me.

    Some of the additions sound really interesting, and I always liked the D&Dness of it.

    Good move, I'm sure I'll be suckered into purchasing some premium content. I hope more games go this route.
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