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After FASA closed its doors, I lost track of what has happened to the Earthdawn franchise. So I was pretty surprised that the current license holder, RedBrick Ltd., is actually releasing a 3rd Edition of Earthdawn. Earthdawn was a pretty cool game with a truly original setting that broke with a lot of fantasy clichés but the rules were a pain. I really hope that RedBrick has managed to make the 3rd Edition rules a real improvement over the FASA rules. But at least the covers of the first core books look pretty sweet:

Earthdawn 3rd Edition Players Guide Preview Earthdawn 3rd Edition Gamemasters Guide Preview

They haven’t announced when the books will be released, but the books were already sent to the printer a few days ago. By the way, has anyone played the second edition of Earthdawn? Or does anyone know what RedBrick will change in the 3rd Edition?

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  1. From what I've gathered it's largely the same system. It's updated, a bit, with some of the options, errata, and changes that have been made over time but the basic system is still unchanged. Which, for me, isn't bad really. I never had a problem with the system… I caught on to the steps and even had the first 20 die steps memorized, but I know a lot of people had trouble with it.

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  2. Hey ho,

    there is no overview released yet, that shows all the changes of classic to third edition. I gathered most of the forum questions concerning the upcoming changes.

    But a free demo adventure called Misguided Ambitions was released that introduces the new system. I'd recommend to have a look and play it.
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