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The Kobold, the Quarterly and the Contest!

Fall is upon us (well those of us living in the northern hemisphere at least)! It’s the time of harvest, leaves fall, the weather turns colder, and apparently Kobolds come out of their den. I received a review copy of the Fall issue of Kobold Quarterly, number 23, by the friends from Kobold Press and sat down to write a review about it over the weekend, when their Kobold Courier newsletter arrived in my e-mail I and I read about a wonderful new contest they are having which I thought may be of interest to our readers, so I thought I’d combine both into a post!

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Earthdawn Third Edition

After FASA closed its doors, I lost track of what has happened to the Earthdawn franchise. So I was pretty surprised that the current license holder, RedBrick Ltd., is actually releasing a 3rd Edition of Earthdawn. Earthdawn was a pretty cool game with a truly original setting that broke with a lot of fantasy clichés but the rules were a pain. I really hope that RedBrick has managed to make the 3rd Edition rules a real improvement over the FASA rules. But at least the covers of the first core books look pretty sweet:

Earthdawn 3rd Edition Players Guide Preview Earthdawn 3rd Edition Gamemasters Guide Preview

They haven’t announced when the books will be released, but the books were already sent to the printer a few days ago. By the way, has anyone played the second edition of Earthdawn? Or does anyone know what RedBrick will change in the 3rd Edition?