My new favorite podcast

RPG CircusA few days back I learned about RPG Circus. RPG Circus is a pretty new podcast hosted by three of my favorite RPG Bloggers: Jeff Uurtamo from The Bone Scroll, Mark Meredith from The Dice Monkey and Zachary Houghton from RPGBlog 2. As usual I was totally oblivious to the existence of that podcast until someone mentioned that Philippe Ménard aka ChattyDM was on the latest show.

So I started iTunes, searched for RPG Circus (iTunes Store link) and subscribed to the show, so that I could listen to it on my commute to work. And I have admit that I very much enjoyed the show. Alas episode 1 had some technical issues (Jeff’s voice was much to low and there was some hissing sound when he talked) but both the format and the actual content was just great.

Most of the other podcasts that I listen to, don’t feature any news. RPG Circus does and it’s pretty cool to listen to these three guys talking about what is right now happening in the industry or the RPG blogosphere with special focus on our own RPG Bloggers Network.

The main portion of the show is a three ring act. Each of those rings is run by one of the hosts and covers one topic. In episode 1 for example the three topics were:

  • We talk about Robertson Games’s proposal of a new gaming term, “Neoclassical” and how it may or not may not apply to gaming.
  • We review the reaction of FreeRPG Day at Mark’s local game store.
  • We ponder Palladium Books.

What I liked very much is that the show does much like three guys chatting about roleplaying games instead of a prescripted thing. I very much enjoyed listening to Jeff, Mark and Zach talk and more than once wished I could join the fun.

In Episode 3 of RPG Circus Phil Ménard joined the fray and talked about landing your first writing gig for the RPG industry. I hope this is not the last time they invited a guest to the show. Actually everyone can participate by sending in questions or comments as audio file or by calling them under 1-888-643-6322 and leave a voice mail message.

My advice: if you have just enough time to listen to just one RPG podcast, make sure it’s RPG Circus!