[German RPGs] “Das Schwarze Auge” 1st Edition in English

Das Schwarze Auge Recently commenter Elias Eight requested an overview article about German RPGs. I really think this could be an interesting topic for a series of posts, so I started doing some research on the issue. And while doing so, I stumbled upon an unofficial English translation of the 1st edition rules of “Das Schwarze Auge” (aka The Dark Eye).

"Das Schwarze Auge” was one of the first German roleplaying games and for a long time it was the most commercially successful RPG on the German market. When I remember correctly, I only played it once, but I actually own a PDF copy of the 4th Edition that came with the Drakensang computer game. When time permits, I will write a short review of this edition of DSA as part of my German RPG series.