Ask The Readers: Sex in Gaming

Aneka from "Krod Mandoon" A lot of RPG books contain artwork of lightly clad females, the chainmail biki is a common trope of most fantasy games and especially a lot of game book covers were obviously made with the sentence “sex sells” in mind. But aside from the artwork roleplaying games usually don’t deal with sexual themes. In most cases the artwork is just a clever ploy to make the mostly male audience interested open their wallets. I have to admit, as long as it’s tasteful and not too blatant, I don’t mind that much.

But when it comes to eroticism or even sex in actual gameplay, we are talking about a totally different beast. The games I run (and have played in) don’t usually deal with such matters. I don’t think I am a prude but in my opinion these topics don’t belong into roleplaying games. It’s just not what I want out of a roleplaying game. Your mileage may vary of course. And that’s actually what I wanted to find out. What are your thoughts on sex in gaming?

As with all “Ask The Readers” posts I want to know more about your thoughts on the matter at hand. So, please don’t be shy and post your opinion in the comments below! Every comment is much appreciated!