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Gamers Help Haiti As you probably already know, One Book Shelf, the company behind RPGNow and DrivethruRPG is raising money to help the disaster relief efforts in Haiti. The fund raising effort has been a great success so far, but OBS has decided to turn the effort to 11.

Publishers have been offered to donate their PDF products to the Gamers Help Haiti Product bundle. Players who donate $20 to Doctors Without Borders (by buying the before mentioned bundle) not only help the disaster relief efforts in Haiti but also get hundreds of dollars of PDF products in return. And OBS will match the donations!

I sincerely hope that OBS can raise lots of money that way, so that the people in Haiti that lost so much in the recent earthquake, can get some much needed help.

This offer will be valid until the end of the month. See a complete list of the products included in the MEGA-bundle after the break.

You will get the following products in return for you $20 donation:

Wow, this is a lot of stuff! I think just checking out what’s what will keep me occupied for quite a while. And expect some reviews of the products included in this bundle in the future. By the way, all the products in the bundle normally cost $1,481.31.

UPDATE: It seems that although the product page works already, you can’t buy the bundle right now. I tried to do so, but it always told me my shopping cart was empty at the end of the transaction. This may be a problem on my part or the product site has gone life prematurely. I will keep you posted on this!

UPDATE #2: I tried it again and it worked using PayPal. Probably their shop system is a bit overwhelmed right now.

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4 thoughts on “Gamers Help Haiti Product Bundle @ DriveThruRPG”

  1. WOW.

    Even if I hadn't been looking for a worthy "donate to Haiti" group … even most of those are products I haven't heard of, or are related to games I don't have any interest in (or even one or two that I already own) … even then … there's enough things on my RPGnow wishlist that are on that list to make it MORE than worth the $20.

    It's almost a "must buy".

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