Microlite Storyteller

Shadow Girl This morning, Andrew Modro and I where talking about the old Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Quickstart rules on #rpmn. In his opinion the mechanics used in these old quickstart games are even better than the full Storyteller rules: light, fast, but still capturing the essence of the game.

When I mentioned that someone should write a Microlite version of the Storyteller, Andrew let me know that someone already has done so. And indeed ENWorld forum member CQuail has written Microlite Storyteller, a complete game based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness on just a couple of pages. He even created pocketmod versions. If you want to have a look at CQuail’s work, you can check out the original ENWorld thread or download the PDFs directly:

If I weren’t working on too many projects already I would love to adapt Microlite Storyteller to the setting of Monte Cook’s World of Darkness. Some of you might argue that MCWoD is a d20 game and that I should use Microlite20 instead, but in my opinion Microlite Storyteller is even a better fit.