Free Stuff Friday: Dungeon Master’s Battle Screen

It’s Friday and it’s time to give you some more free stuff!

This week’s Free Stuff is: Dungeon Master’s Battle Screen

The Dungeon Masters’ Battle Screen Free tool for helping D&D 4e Dungeon Masters in managing battles for Windows XP, Vista with Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 installed.

On the Dungeon Master’s Battle Screen website they wrote this stuff up
: This tool is primary a turn counter, however it helps to handle other battle actions. It visualizes the state of battle at any point of time, giving clear picture about next turns according actual initiative order.

Main Features

  • Visualized battle turns control
  • All visualized actions are done according to D&D 4e rules.
  • Quick monster overview during battles
  • Monster powers recharge helping control
  • Turn delays and ready action control
  • Battles can be played over different sessions
  • DM can enter complete monster data cards and store them in Monster Repository for next battles
  • Alternatively, monster data can be taken from Monster Builder exported files (Adventure Tools)
  • Similar to monster data, DM can enter simple player data and store it in Player Repository
  • Alternatively, player data can be taken from dnd4e files (Character Builder)
  • Before play session, DM can prepare the battles, constucting them from monsters and players. Monsters can be placed to the Pool and assigned to Waves for faster appearing.
  • Each monster can be customized before battle (equipment, data etc.)
  • DM can keep notes about each combatant
  • Combatant conditions, ongoing damage and regeneration. Quick condition assignment.
  • DM can select several combatants to perform an action (assign damage, condition or change state)
  • Dice calculator for DM
  • Quick battle summary (XP, loot, damage overview)

So take a moment and check out The Dungeon Masters’ Battle Screen for Microsoft Windows. Maybe even give the developer some feed back to make the Dungeon Master’s Battle Screen even better then it is! As always be sure to thank them for the free stuff!