Chimera Basic is out! Get it now for free!

The Welsh Piper just released his latest RPG: Chimera Basic. Like Chimera 2.0 it’s a rules-lite RPG that can be used in any genre. Chimera Basic is a 42-paged PDF which is a fully-playable preview of the upcoming Chimera 3.0 game. The Basic PDF is free for a limited time, so you should get it now!

Here are a few features of Chimera Basic, copied from the official web site:

  • Determine the outcome of any action with a single, consistent mechanic
  • Customize your character with our modular class system–you decide how often you advance
  • Unique advancement system lets you improve your character by quality or quantity
  • No attributes–all actions are assigned to of 18 Abilities
  • Round out your character with our random background generator, perks, and flaws
  • Consistent framework for all supernatural powers–spells, miracles, rituals, psionics, whatever
  • Fast and realistic combat with optional moves
  • Easy adventuring mechanics
  • Fast monsters and NPC creation
  • Build your own setting in record time with our campaign creation guide

If you are into rules-lite roleplaying games, you should definitely have a look at Chimera. It’s a great little game that is too often overlooked by gamers. And from what I’ve seen so far, is Chimera Basic even better than its predecessor and free to boot. So what are you waiting for?