Jim Ward in need of help

Jim Ward in 1992 According to the Greyhawk Grognard, game design luminary Jim Ward, who is responsible for such classic games as Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World needs our help. Obviously he spent some time in the hospital recently and his condition is quite serious. According to what Jim posted at the Dragonsfoot forums it may take another year for him to recover fully. The hospital bills are a bit too much for him to handle, so a couple of fans have decided they want to help him out.

While there a few ideas thrown around right now, the probably easiest way to do some good, is by buying some stuff from Jim’s RPGNow/DriveThruRPG store. This way, you not only help him out but you can also enjoy some of his works. Especially Metamorphosis Alpha could be a quite interesting read. I have never read nor played this classic game, so the first thing I’ll do is get it as soon as this post is published!