ESTRANGE: frEe STuff fRiday AcroNym Generator

This is Youseph’s usual stomping grounds, but I couldn’t resist writing a post about this as soon as I discovered it today. Acronyms are to me a staple of superhero games, and to a certain extent spy games, since I’m planning for the (seemingly since forever) upcoming superhero game I did a search for an acronym generator and found this website:

ACE: Acronym CrEator

It generates all sorts of amusing results, and in the Advanced Search you can select which words of your lists of keywords MUST be present. Granted some results are rather strange, case and point the title of this post, generated with the very same online tool.

As a bonus, if you are wondering what a particular acronym stands for there is the Abbreviations and acronyms dictionary. I hope these resources inspire you and they are up to par with FIRE standards, the Fellowship of Internet Resources Evaluators.

Have a great weekend everybody!